agric3Agriculture plays a major role in the economy of Nigeria. The sector generates over 30% employment opportunity for our population. The sector is currently undergoing transformation through commercialization at the small, medium and large-scale levels.
over 82 million hectares out of 91 million total land mass are arable. Currently about 45 % of the cultivatable area are being put to use for domestic and exportable products. Agriculture also contributes over 32% to GDP in Nigeria.  The Agricultural products inquest for export from Nigeria include:-
Beans, Sesame seed, Cashew nuts, Cassava, Cocoa Beans, Groundnuts, Gum arabic, Kolanut, Maize (Corn), Melon, Millet, Palm Kernels, Kalm oil, Plantains, Rice, Rubber, Sorghum, Soybeans and Yams, among others

Solid Minerals deposit in Nigeria is spread across the six geo-political zones of the country. The Federal Ministry of Mining and Solid Minerals Development have put in place policies which brought the solid mineral sector to the forefront. This is to encourage massive foreign investors participation. Below is an image of  some Solid Mineral deposits rich for export and exhibition such as Iron Ore, Talc, Bitumen, Gold, Zinc, Gemstone, Coal, Kaoline, Gypsum, Baryte, Rock Salt, Tantalite, Quartz.solid minerals


Transport plays a very critical role in economic growth of  every nation. It reduces poverty and achievement of accelerated all round development. The World Bank transport sector investments have facilitated more efficient trade and enhanced human development by greater mobility. Nigeria’s venture into transport sector infrastructure is gradually extending to an appreciable level for the land and marine as well as the aviation sub sector. Urban transport is steadily increasing in response to the evolving global needs.
The major challenges in the transport sector in Nigeria are infrastructural development, and services which need to be made safer, cleaner and more affordable. The needed respond for increasing urbanization and motorization as solutions for urban existence means that the transport sector must be more responsive. Effective transportation system will create long-term skilled employment, reduce the cost element of attaining food security, and address mitigation issues.
By so doing poverty reduction is more likely to occur when communities have ready access at any time and in all weather to essential services and to markets.
Nigeria House Project is poised to create a platform for direct business meeting for stakeholders throughout the Olympic period where big time players in the field of transport will meet.

culture5Nigeria is blessed with many festivals some which date back to the previous centuries before the arrival of the major religions from foreign societies. Nigeria cultural festival have come of age and now attract International visitors thus contributing to Nigeria’s source of tourism revenue. Among leading cultural festival in Nigeria are:-
Argungu Fishing Festival, Osun Oshogbo Festival, Calabar Carnival, Abuja Carnival, Eyo festival, Igbo New Yam festival, Nnewi Afiaolu Festival Ofala Festival, Sango festival, Sharo / Shadi Festival, New Yam Festivals Port Harcourt Book Festival, Badagry Festival, Durbar festival, Igogo festival Dambe & Langa, Sango Festival, Lagos Black Heritage Festival, Agila Social and Economic Carnival

health‘Health is Wealth’ so goes the saying! The wealth of any Nation depends largely on the health of its citizens, the Nigerian Government the bid to improve on amenities in the country and cub medical tourism abroad welcome investors in the health sector in areas not limited to procurement of equipment and establishment of specialist Hospitals etc.

The need to develop a joint venture in affordable housing programme through an international investment forum cannot be over-emphasized. For instance Brazil is a country that has experienced what Nigeria is facing currently. This relationship between the two countries will afford Nigeria ample opportunities to learn copiously from the Brazilian experience. The simple but effective housing system will be of immense benefits to Nigeria if adopted.

This venture will be designed to assist interested businesses in developing joint venture partnerships in mass housing development in Nigeria as well as harness opportunities in Brazil’s local content policy as well as develop technical and strategic alliances as Nigeria shares similar financial system with Brazil. This can be harnessed to promote the nation’s economy.