Brazil-Nigeria Chamber Of Commerce Partner Nigeria House Project for 2016 Olympics


The Brazil Nigeria Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, February 4, paid the Project Coordinator and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), of the Nigeria House Committee, Mohammed Abdullahi, a visit to seek for partnership in the quest to boost plans to derive gains of direct foreign investments into the country during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games to be staged in Brazil.

President of the Brazil Nigeria Chamber of Commerce, Alexandre Jeixeria Ramos, and his vice, Femi Louge, said the meeting became necessary upon their realization of the lofty idea behind the formation of the Nigeria House Project for the games which holds in August.

At the meeting with the CEO of the Committee, Mohammed Abdullahi, members Alh. Bala Usman, Mrs. Adeshola Ndu and Secretary Shammah Makpa, at the Package A of the National Stadium, Abuja office of the committee, Ramos said having read about the committee’s aim to achieve direct foreign investments into Nigeria during the Olympics, they saw the need to visit physically and hear from the horses’ mouth. “We heard about the activities of the committee and what it has set out to achieve in terms of showcasing the richness of Nigeria to the outside world during the Olympics in our nation Brazil and felt the best way to kick-start our participation is to come physically and rob minds with you so as to know how to partner with the Nigeria House Project and Brazil business community to actualize the set goals. We find Nigeria a safe haven for investments and as representatives of the Brazilian business community, with registered members in all the critical sectors, Nigeria has set out to attract foreign investments during the Olympics, we intend after this meeting to fashion ways that will attract trade and investments for both Brazil and Nigeria.”

He said they will immediately commence plans to facilitate the committee’s visit to Brazil and indeed Sao Paulo, which is South America’s biggest business hub, this June to commence round table talks with businessmen from Brazil and South America before the Olympics. “We are impressed with this initiative and happy to have come to see things for ourselves for collaborative effort. Our intention now is to facilitate logistics for the Nigeria House to visit Sao Paulo, Brazil’s biggest business hub in June to commence business round table discussions, Expo/Conferences with the business community in Brazil.


“The business communities in both Brazil and Nigeria have a lot to gain, so our efforts will be tailored towards bringing investors both ways. At the moment, we are already doing business with Nigeria at NAFDAC and NACA. We are also trying to introduce samples of a device that can test various ailments like AIDS, cancer etc to the ministry of health. We have investors looking at areas of waste management and recycling of wastes, textile and shoe making companies because Brazil has one of the best shoe making industries in the world and want to establish some in Nigeria. There is the introduction of Ethanol as substitute for oil as fuel for cars, using sugar cane and corn; all these are areas the Brazil business community wants to come in. Areas of transportation, agriculture; particularly poultry farming and cultural heritage, are other areas we have interest in.”

The CEO of Nigeria House, Mohammed Abdullahi, in his response told the delegation that the committee is happy with the visit and expressed optimism that with the kind of interest displayed by the Brazil Nigeria Chamber of Commerce. The journey for the realization of direct foreign investment through the Olympic platform and other global sporting fiestas has began.

“This means the quest for direct foreign investment through the sports platform is not targeted at Brazil alone, as Nigeria House Project is a global initiative. We are also seeking the partnership and sponsorship of the Nigeria House Project from Corporate and Public organizations”