Nigeria House Project Committee Assures Full Display Of Nigeria’s Culture In Rio


Nigeria House In Rio Olympics Project Committee has assured Nigerians planning to attend the 20th Olympiad in Rio De Janeiro Brazil that they will not miss the nation’s cultural diversity and displays during the global fiesta at the Nigeria House in Brazil.

Assuring Nigerians of a touch Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage while in Brazil during the Olympics, Nigeria House Committee Project Coordinator and Chief Executive Officer, Abdullahi Mohammed while watching a dress rehearsal of the African Theatre Dance to perform in Rio during the Olympics said from what is on ground the country’s rich cultural heritage will be the cynosure of all eyes in Rio.

Abdullahi who was visibly excited after watching the “Africa Theater Dance” said “this is just a teaser or simply call it a tip of the ice berg of what Nigeria House will showcase in Rio. You can appreciate the kind of efforts this committee is undertaking to make Nigeria’s participation at the Olympics memorable.’’
‘’What we are doing is all about showcasing Nigeria and showcasing Nigeria starts with culture. I hope most of you are not seeing what you are doing as a part time thing because this is really professional act. Not a lot of people can stand to look at ten people at a time standing and dancing on top of each other not to talk of summoning courage to stand tall in chains.
You will also agree with me that even the United Nations started with culture and culture so that when I see you I know where you are and how to relate and deal with you and that starts with culture. Culture is part of home up bringing where you display everything about yourself.”

Abdullahi, who described dance as a vehicle for promotion of Nigeria’s cultural diplomacy, urged the group to remain steadfast on the assignment in Brazil as ambassadors of the most populous nation in Africa and seventh most populous country in the word.”

Mr. Seyi Womiloju, Director Cultural Industries & Heritage, Federal Ministry of Information and Culture who supervised the cultural group, said the group had perfected its determination to add value to the nations numerous cultural heritages.
He said the importance of the programme was for the world to know what the nation’s heritage is all about.
Mr. Womiloju said the exposures of the group cut across Europe, South America and Asia and going to Brazil would further preach the news of federal government’s change mantra. “As we prepare for the games, we should never fail to recognize our cultural identity, we should continue to be proud of being Nigerians after all there is no place like home”.